What Inspired Jomonjo

My whole career has been primarily solving problems in the digital space. Whenever no one wanted to take charge, I would take on new challenges and was pretty successful in doing so. I’ve been very fortunate to have gotten opportunity after opportunity to make a difference lives, careers, and businesses.

When becoming a contractor, it became very apparent that there are other people out there who have developed skills in their own spaces that also want to make a difference in helping out companies that need guidance. Over the years of working with clients you get to know the tendencies of people and agencies that determine the likelihood of success.

My vision is to help bring in the right people who share this passion that have the chops to give companies the best chance of success. We work with companies that are looking for more than “just a vendor”, but are looking for a partner.

The Team

All associates with Jomonjo has been handpicked and have agreed to be part of the Jomonjo network. This goes beyond client work, some of these individuals also have their own ventures or work for themselves that have proven to be successful multiple instances.

All clients that work with an associate must know they are working with someone that have the means to strategize, consult, communicate, project manage, implement, and solve just about any problem that arises. We are results driven, we do not take on projects that waste time, resources, and are set up to fail from the get-go.

Our associates also collaborate with each other to help clients and to take part of Jomonjo created startups. We want to help turn passion into product.

All contributors of Jomonjo possess the ability to adapt, learn, and grow at a tremendous pace. They might not be level 99 ninjas in their craft (yet), but they bring the passion and talent to help clients succeed. We find that inspired individuals not only perform at a higher level, but they also will go above and beyond to meet a client’s needs.

Everyone at Jomonjo wants to see success.

The Founder

Hi, I’m Joey Montano — Founder of Jomonjo. I’ve been involved in the digital space since for well over a decade and it’s been one heck of a journey. Back in the early days, I was all about of ebay/amazon selling, helping youtubers grow and getting familiar with marketing.

As I became a professional marketer, I’ve helped grow e-commerce companies, consulted a variety of businesses, and helped multiple businesses grow over the years. I branched out and co-founded a digital agency in 2013 and was acquired in early 2014 by RevUnit.

Since then I’ve worked with RevUnit and eventually went back to consulting. Jomonjo is a concept leverages top talent that is catered to a clients need, instead of using expendable employees to only “work on a gig”.  I wanted to go beyond consulting and am teaming up with the best of the best to help ensure success.

We aren’t afraid to turn down clients, and we aren’t afraid to say that we don’t have the capabilities depending on the problem at hand. You might have already browsed the site and have raised an eyebrow in how we speak, but in all of my years of working with clients, full transparency and being frank creates a real partnership that cuts through politics and focuses strictly on results.

If we aren’t a good fit, we can always provide recommendations depending on your need.

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