Don’t think of Jomonjo as a “PPC” or “SEO” or a “Marketing” company.  We are a bunch of proven experts that love to solve problems in digital and beyond. We want to complete the puzzle that is your company and grow it from all angles.

Digital Auditing

Our experts step in and see the 30,000-foot view to re-align success.

At Jomonjo, all of our associates have been in the digital space for over a decade+. We have seen the trends chance and have a deep understanding of human psychological behavior, best digital marketing practices, and take into account of how your industry operates.

We take the time to learn your brand, understand your mission, and assist in alignment of your end goals. This is our bread and butter as it involves a deep understanding of a particular domain. More importantly, we have experience in just providing a thorough audit, but we have the practical experience to understand the intricacies of implementing the work.

Types of audits we go perform:

  • SEO Auditing – Local, National, On-Page/Technical, Competitive, and Full-service
  • PPC Auditing – Facebook, Google, Youtube, UX/CRO, Funnel Experience, and Full Service
  • Company & Industry Auditing – We take a deep dive into your business as a whole, understand your company, dive into industry competitors, walk through your user experience, find traffic & revenue opportunities, includes roadmapping and documentation. Often recommended for e-commerce and professional services.

Strategy & Consulting

Go beyond tactics--we bring a strategic mindset that is realistic to your objectives.

We work directly with owners, C-level and the D-level suite to identify your goals, create growth benchmarks, and provide a thorough roadmap to give your next initiative the best chance for success.

Unlike an audit, our strategy and consulting work is often best suited for companies that have the resources needed for implementation but prefer extra brainpower to provide clarity and direction for the next stage of growth, or to solve problems that only outsiders can see.

Our strategy is based on a solid foundation of research, business understanding, and experience in the field. It’s a collaborative approach that requires an ebb and flow of communication and trust between the client and vendor.  Any agency that comes in with the mindset “we know better, you don’t” often falls short of expectations as there are always moving pieces to every puzzle.

There is a reason why we tend to have a much higher success rate compared to other firms. We could be wrong, but unlikely.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Stop Cringing - We'll get straight to the point.

SEO can take a lot of time, money, and resources. Regardless of knowledge in this domain (and we do have a lot), here are our thoughts regarding it.

SEO is dead = False
Shitty SEO is dead = True
Local SEO = Very fruitful if done right (and we are pretty good at it)
On-Page SEO = Extremely good at it, but more effective in certain markets
Off-Page SEO (AKA: Linkbuilding) = WE HATE THIS — This is the wrong mindset. If you want to build a brand that gets quality links in the process, then we’ll get along..

Google wants to be human, period. That is our guiding star of long-term, sustainable growth for companies. We create experiences that will often align with what Google wants because that’s what your end user wants. Period.

Local businesses and mid-size through enterprise companies will often see the biggest growth. That’s just our truth. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the work we’ve done.

PPC Advertising

Scalable PPC Expertise From Start to Finish

Your goal is to make money, profitably. we work with you to ensure that you are tracking the right KPIs based on your needs. Using PPC is just the beginning, we make sure the whole funnel works:

  • PPC Managment / Campaign Creation
  • Landing Page Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Analytics / Tracking Setup
  • Reporting and Data Insights
  • Internal Workflow Efficiencies

If you want me to make your Ad Accounts super efficient – great! We are off to an awesome start. But, if you want to maximize your ROI and have a squeaky clean funnel from the beginning of the customer journey up until they convert then let’s talk.

We’ve worked with budgets into hundreds of thousands monthly+, from Google to Facebook, we’ve dealt with PPC on just about every medium.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Often Overlooked and Under-Appreciated, Yet Very Effective

Fun Fact: With a poor website experience, not many people will do what you want them to do. Often that is a transaction in some form. That’s where CRO comes in. This is a must-have if you ever plan to do PPC. It has the potential to improve sales 10%-400%+ overnight with the right plan of attack.

One of the reasons why our clients tend to stick with us is that our common ground is success.  Our founder took part in the famous School of Rock case study where monthly conversions improved 5x, and the cost per conversion decreased by 82%. Effectively a 400% increase in yearly revenue based on new leads.

Our process is simple:

  • Great ads that match the ideal market
  • A strong performing landing page that provides an high-impact call-to-action
  • A compelling follow-through on the clients’ side to turn leads into sales

From landing pages to whole website experience, to us, everything on your site matters for results.

Analytics / Tracking / Intellegence

We Like To Be Data-Driven. Often Driving In a Positive Direction.

The biggest and most useful piece of the ‘success’ pie is proper tracking and implementation. We can help set up analytics, events, goals, tags and more. You’ll be able to see how your best mediums are performing and can create action plans around it.

Types of tracking we help implement

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • E-commerce Tracking & Reporting Metrics

More importantly, we love data. From understand mediums to finding new opportunities for growth, learning how to turn data into useful information can fuel up new initiatives with solid proof of likely success.

Most CMSs and platforms do a terrible job at providing the right tracking out of the gate. If you are unsure of what you are tracking or aren’t tracking any data at all, LET US KNOW ASAP.


Our primary services (above) are a good fit for companies looking for direction or need to amplify their marketing efforts for growth. The special services often fit the mold of specialized needs that require domain knowledge in a particular space, proven experience, and problem solvers to do the dirty work.

Google Grants Setup & Managment

Jomonjo has specialized in assisting non-profit and government projects in promoting initiatives via Adwords’s “Google Grants” program. This is a program that allows these types of companies to use Google Adwords without paying for ads up to $10,000 per month.

Most companies that qualify for the program are not aware of this and are missing out on free advertising.  Jomonjo can assist on the following:

  • Getting Grant Fund Approval
  • Grant Fund Account Setup
  • Adwords PPC Management
  • Fixing a ‘canceled’ or ‘suspended’ account – Learn how to resolve this.
  • Landing Page and Lead-to-Sale optimization.

The biggest reason why clients come to us to take over grant fund management is that they would rather focus on their day to day instead of having to stress about paid marketing mediums. We want to handle that burden.

Amazon Marketplace & Marketing Optimization

Heavily catered to e-commerce and private label brands, we have helped companies in making tens of millions of dollars in this platform alone.

We are hyper-focused on ensuring your products get maximum visibility, improved sales, and having scalable growth on this platform. We handle all-things Amazon, but these are the most common projects that clients approach us with:

  • Product listing optimization (maximize organic visibility)
  • Conversion rate optimization (improve rates of sales)
  • Amazon Marketplace Services / Paid Search (quicky get returns)
  • Amazon Product Feed setup (leverage the platform to build your brand)
  • FBA & Winning the Buy Box
  • Amazon Auditing & Consulting (we dive deep into your account and provide guidance on improving your funnel from top to bottom)

Local + Enterprise (Local) SEO

For small businesses, especially serviced based, getting visibility in your targeted area can be a struggle. We provide the framework and handle the technical lifting in making sure you get more traction coming in the door.

For franchises and other businesses that have thousands of locations, there is a lot of work involved in ensuring that:

  • Proper roadmapping and optimization in proper SEO metadata
  • Setting up baseline & testing blocks to measure growth
  • Ensuring all of your business data is in sync across the web
  • Developing a framework and structure that allows Google to crawl the website
  • Assisting in a proper user experience that doesn’t hinder conversion rates and sales
  • Large-scale content creation and workflows that allow both co-operation between the client and vendor
  • Understanding the inner workings of your current CMS and ensuring a new experience done with SEO in mind
  • Teamwork in working with marketing, development, content, and other decision makers so there are no disconnects in the process.

Enterprise local SEO projects are a hot mess, there is no sugarcoating it.  With Jomonjo, you’ll have proper expectations, top-notch communication, and follow-through that will ensure you to have minimal migraines.

Ecommerce Marketing & Merchandising

Most e-commerce companies fall short in providing the right experience that speaks to the right audience. We help connect the dots to vastly improve your revenue. If any of these items resonate with your ecommerce needs, reach out to us immediately.

  • Consulting & Implementation of on-site marketing
  • Merchandising and Product Trends
  • Go-to-market strategy on new products
  • Vetting of ideal e-commerce platform for your needs
  • Improvement on on-site experience
  • Product page optimization
  • Add to cart & checkout funnel optimization
  • Pricing & design consulting
  • 3rd party marketplace setup & management
  • Ecommerce SEO & content optimization
  • Deep analytics & reporting insights
  • Analytics & ecommerce tracking setup
  • Proper Product feed setup (Google, Amazon, Bing, etc)

Your needs are unique, we want to make sure you have the right tools and guidance needed to keep improving growth.

Ideal For: 

  • Companies with hundreds/thousands of products that need a step up
  • Private label companies wanting to compete in new spaces
  • Established businesses that want to branch into e-commerce
  • Businesses that were ‘promised’ a great experience prior but fell flat for a variety of reasons

Workflow Efficiencies

We hate wasted time, money, and efforts. So should you.

Here are some statements we’ve been told over the years from clients of how we can better-run your processes and save time, money, and resources.

“So, we ship about 5000 pieces of this item alone a month. Assuming this is correct, we were spending $12K a month more before you came along. Over the year that’st $120K, but we’ve been doing that for the last decade. That’s…a lot.”

“We initially planned about 40 resourced hours to code this function in full scale. You saved us 39 hours by providing this snippet that does the job, thanks a bunch!”

“We were under-budget based on this project. Not only that, you trained our staff on the process so all internal items from lead-to-sale are now automated. Our followup lead times dropped from almost 2 weeks to only a few days.”

We’d be lying if we said that we are always successful in how we can assist on projects. But for us, we just like to solve problems and make your day to day easier. It doesn’t have to be related to digital at all. If you have a problem you would like solved, contact us today!

[Your Problem Here]

^^This is not a mistake. We’ve become specialists in these particular spaces because companies have trusted the talent of teams to solve these uncommon problems and we have always been willing to dedicate 100% of our efforts to become specialists.

The services mentioned on this page are buckets of semi-common problems we solve but aren’t indicative of our abilities. We aren’t afraid to say something is out of scope for us and provide guidance on our preferred partners or even help vet another agency as long we know you are in good hands.


Optional--but if you want us to reach out via phone, let us know below.
Feel free to include (optional): What you think is the issue, what services you need, industry you are in, company size, etc.