What Our Clients Looks Like


 The key to a great relationship is understanding expectations and transparency. We aren’t a fit for everyone and we are selective on the type of clients we collaborate with.

 At the end of the day, we want to treat good people good.

We Like These Types of Clients

Patience with the understanding that success takes time.

Success is not guaranteed, get that out of your head. But we can give you a damn good shot at it.

Acknowledge that we are partners and not here to do work with no insight. We can be, but it’s a waste of our talent.

Open to admit lack of knowledge or expertise in a particular trade.  We can scope, train, and communicate accordingly.

Be receptive to change. Sometimes having an outside party is needed to push initiatives that otherwise go nowhere internally.

Not afraid to test new strategies.

Collaborates on expectations regarding growth & success.

A good feel for your teams’ capabilities and tasks when new projects arise. Want us to handle everything–cool. Want to involve your team–just as cool, let us know.

Your internal insights are valuable, don’t be surprised when we ask many questions regarding your company and industry as a whole.

What We Try To Avoid

Pricks. If you think you are, chances are you are not one. Through are pretty good at sniffing these out.

Tiny budgets relative to scope. Want a website build + SEO + linkbuilding + graphic design for $1,000? Go to fiverr!

Micro-managersSpending 40% of time in meetings, 20% of the time writing emails, and the remaining time on doing actual work eventually leaves micro-managers asking, “what value are you providing?” is a commonality we want to avoid. That said, there is an ebb and flow to this.

Whats your pricing on [insert service]?’ – What are we psychic?. Pricing is based on your goals, needs, scaling, competitive strength, scope of service.

You are number X company to take over, let’s see how you do‘. We like a challenge, but don’t come in with the expectation of failure. That’s an insult to us and your department.

Can you give me a better rate? We can go elsewhere No, and please do. We prefer to spend our time creating results instead of perfecting the art of power moves and politics.

GET IT DONE ALREADY Anger doesn’t suit well for most people. Actually, having rushed and hurried projects doesn’t sit well for us. We are realistic on deadlines and expectations.

We are all human at the end of the day. Let’s be successful together.

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